Eyewitnesses who observed UFOs experienced psychic communication with objects

(ORDO NEWS) — During UFO sightings, many eyewitnesses claimed that they had an unusual psychic connection with these objects. This was stated by researcher Jacques Vallee.

The theoretical scientist, ufologist and astronomer noted that in reports of encounters with UFOs, it turns out that there is a psychic connection.

However, he acknowledges that even scientists find these metaphysical manifestations difficult to explain.

Dr. Jacques F. Valli has long been considered the most respected and highly regarded scientific researcher of unidentified aerial phenomena.

It was he who became the model for creating the image of the French UFO researcher in Steven Spielberg’s film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

He has investigated UFO reports around the world and worked on related US and French government projects.

The stories collected by Valle about the impact of UFOs on people testify to a shift in consciousness and understanding of the universe.

The researcher’s hypothesis suggests that this phenomenon serves as a kind of catalyst between human consciousness and the structure of the world, which a person must understand.

He suggests that in the event of a meeting with manned alien ships, control over the beliefs of a person is formed.

Therefore, eyewitness accounts always contain psychic evidence, space-time distortion, voices or unknown thoughts, etc.

Eyewitnesses who observed UFOs experienced psychic communication with objects

Among the examples given by Valle is the story of an engineer who left for America after encountering a UFO. He declared that he had a mission, although he did not know what it was.

His meeting took place in July 1961, when he was studying at the university. During the expedition, he moved away from the group and approached the trees that were further away. He then came across a disk-shaped object that he estimated was about 7 meters wide.

The ship had a translucent lift that took it inside. After he was on board, the UFO took off and landed in a secluded place, where in the center stood what looked like a one and a half meter computer with disks that, when touched, transmitted some knowledge to him.

About 3 hours later, a UFO brought him back. Although he claimed that when he arrived, his friends and family told him that he had gone missing 18 days ago.

This event changed his life, the duration of sleep was reduced to such an extent that he did not need to rest for a long time. In addition, he became more aware of his actions and was no longer sick.

What knowledge and what was done to him, the man could not fully understand, but from that moment, as he himself said, his life turned upside down.

Another case with another eyewitness occurred on the night of November 1-2, 1968 in France. The doctor said she heard her 14-month-old baby crying.

When she went to her room, she saw that the child was pointing at the window. Through the window she saw strange lights.

Their house was on a hill, so the beam of light looked very distinct. Going to the window, she could make out two disc-shaped UFOs, silver on top and bright red on the bottom, with some kind of antennae or something similar to them.

The objects continued their movement, and in a moment the antennas approached, making a strange sound, both ships merged into one.

The large ship formed from them threw a powerful bolt of lightning in the direction of the house, and then disappeared into the air.

The wounds the woman had, including a deep scar from a previous car accident, have disappeared. In addition, she developed strange abilities, such as spontaneous telepathy, and an unusual awareness of the meaning of life and death.

These are just two cases where UFO witnesses have received logically inexplicable consequences. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of such cases.

After six decades of traveling around the world in search of the “UFO phenomenon”, the French scientist is sure of only one thing: the truth is really, really somewhere nearby.


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