Extremely rare Sumatran rhinoceros born in Indonesian nature reserve

(ORDO NEWS) — A rare Sumatran rhinoceros calf has been born in an Indonesian nature reserve. The baby rhinoceros, born on March 24, is a huge victory for the endangered species.

The Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry announced that a Sumatran rhino named Rosa gave birth to a female calf in Way Kambas National Park on March 24. in Lampung Province, Indonesia. The name of the newborn is not yet known.

The reserve now contains eight Sumatran rhinos ( Dicerorhinus sumatrensis ). According to Save The Rhino International , the total population of the species is currently less than 80 individuals.

How did Rose get into the reserve?

Rose, the mother of a newborn, entered the reserve in 2004. Prior to that, she was often met at the roadways and human settlements. Such “brave” behavior could harm the animal, so she was relocated to the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary.

The lack of fear of people for a long time prevented Rosa from mating. The problem is that the rhinoceros allowed people to approach him more often than other rhinos.

Luckily, Rosa befriended a male named Andatu. Prior to this, the female experienced eight miscarriages between 2017 and 2020.

“With the birth of baby Rosa, we hope to continue to receive good news about the birth of other Sumatran rhinos in the future,” the press release said.

Why are there so few Sumatran rhinos?

Extremely rare Sumatran rhinoceros born in Indonesian nature reserve 2

Of course, first of all, hunters and human intervention in the environment influenced the number of rhinos. However, there is another reason.

A recent study showed that the Sumatran rhinoceros was initially heavily depleted as a result of climate change that occurred about 9,000 years ago.


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