“Extraterrestrial observers will not allow resettlement” why the colonization of Mars has not yet been carried out

(ORDO NEWS) — Relocation to other planets has long been considered by science fiction writers and scientists from around the world on Earth. If earlier we received more information about the colonization of other planets from science fiction books and films, now there are space programs in almost every developed country that are seriously aimed at colonizing Mars.

The progress of the 21st century has already reached the point that it would have been possible to try to colonize the Moon for a long time, to which it is not necessary to fly for 3 months, but for some reason humanity still has not done this.

Scientists have already calculated that to create a full-fledged colony and the development of human life on Mars, about 40 thousand human individuals are needed, and 60% of this number of people should be in a full reproductive phase.

The famous entrepreneur Elon Musk is actively working on preparing a flight to Mars and prepared a report in which he described in detail why Mars is most suitable for humans to live, maybe even to some extent even more than Earth.

  • First, a day lasts 24 hours 40 minutes, which is only 40 minutes more than the usual earthly day.
  • Secondly, gravity is lower than on earth and it will be even easier for people to move around on Mars.
  • Third, Mars has water in the form of ice that can be used.

Elon Musk believes that 1 million people can establish a full-fledged colony on Mars. By 2035, they are planning to build such spaceships that will be able to deliver people to Mars in just 80 days.

But not everything is as easy and simple as it might seem at first glance. Even if the first colonists are delivered to Mars, they will have a hard and painstaking job.

1. First of all, it will be necessary to create an ocean on Mars, at its south pole at the time when it is turned towards the Sun (this is the so-called summer period). The ocean will need to be made at least a few meters deep. The easiest way to make an ocean is by a nuclear explosion. A more complicated method is to place laser installations above the ocean surface. The ice cover will melt, the evaporation from the water will make the necessary changes in the atmosphere, condense it. In theory, the climate on the planet will change to a more friendly and familiar one for earthlings.

2. When the issue of water on Mars is resolved, the colonists will move on to the next stage of the planet’s adaptation to human life – planting plants. First, it is supposed to populate the planet with the simplest plants, such as moss, lichen. Only then can one move on to planting trees. As the trees grow, the planet will be filled with natural oxygen, and in about three hundred to a thousand years it will be possible to live on Mars without space suits.

3. It will be possible to get energy on Mars with the help of solar panels, which will also be brought from Earth

4. All the time until the atmosphere on Mars is formed, all people will simply need protection from radiation. This means that it will be possible to walk only in spacesuits. Or build buildings and dwellings under some kind of special protective dome.

Of course, such prospects are greatly hampered by the high cost of transporting both colonists and equipment. Even building a spaceship costs a very large sum of money. And, for example, if you expect help from the state (the United States in particular), then NASA cooperates only with a number of certain companies that call fabulous amounts of money.

In this regard, Elon Musk and his company Space X are looking for ways to create their own rocket, without the help of the state, which will be cheaper both in maintenance and in manufacturing. The option of reusable missile use is being considered.

But the most interesting thing in preparing for the colonization of Mars is that American scientists from NASA propose to clone the first colonists of Mars on a 3D printer. Yes! And this will soon be possible.

Moreover, human organs and tissues are already being printed on 3D printers on Earth.

You understand that taking into account all of the above, a flight to Mars does not look like an unattainable goal and fantasy, and it could have been carried out for a long time. But all the time extraneous factors intervene, distracting humanity from going beyond the Earth’s orbit.

It is possible that Elon Musk will not be allowed to transport living people to Mars due to the fact that there have been rumors for a long time that there is a joint activity of extraterrestrial civilizations and humans on Mars, which is kept in the strictest confidence by the US government.


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