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Extraterrestrial civilizations can exist inside the stars : An unusual hypothesis of scientists

Extraterrestrial civilizations can exist inside the stars an unusual hypothesis of scientists

(ORDO NEWS) — The authors of the study do not at all claim that highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations are hiding inside the stars.

However, they do not exclude the possibility that “something” lives there, leaving offspring before it is destroyed by the heat and pressure of the luminary.

The physicists’ hypothesis suggests that the interior of stars may not be based on DNA, like life on Earth, but, for example, on monopolar particles.

These are elementary particles with a magnetic pole that can instantly form massive structures and even multiply.

This property, according to scientists, will make it possible to produce genetic mutations without the participation of DNA, which will give new features to offspring, perhaps even before the advent of intelligence.

“Compared to the lifespan of a star, that lifespan is an instantaneous spark of light in the dark.

The important thing is that such a spark manages to produce more sparks before it goes out, which ensures the long life of the species.”

This species develops as a result of mutations and natural selection occurring with an increase in the number of generations.

Therefore, if the lifespan of nuclear particles is as short as many of the unstable composite nuclear structures, then they can quickly become extremely complex.

Scientists believe that such a life form has tremendous intelligence, and it can take on unimaginable forms.

The authors of the study believe that these hypothetical creatures should be sought inside those stellar bodies that are suspiciously quickly cooling down and depleted.

This strange behavior can be explained by the inextinguishable vitality that feeds on the energy of the star.

Because such organisms would use some of their star’s energy to survive and proliferate, the stars would cool faster than current scientific models can explain.

To date, several such stars have been discovered, and their accelerated cooling remains a mystery.

“The universe may be saturated with life so different from life on Earth that we cannot detect its existence.”

So far, the search for alien life has come to nothing. It may be necessary to change approaches that are already orthodox for many researchers.


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