Extinct race of six-fingered giants

(ORDO NEWS) — Near Brighton, Tennessee, traces of a huge primitive humanoid have been preserved in the rocks. The huge feet that left these fossilized footprints had six toes on each foot.

The rock dates back to the Mesozoic period and it turns out that in those distant times the Earth was inhabited by a race of creatures six meters tall.

In 1833, soldiers digging a powder magazine pit near Lompoc Ranch, California came across a slab of cemented gravel. Beneath it lay the skeleton of a man 3.65 meters tall.

Huge stone axes, carved shells, and polished slabs adorned with obscure symbols surrounded the bones. Surprisingly, the skull contained two rows of upper and lower teeth.

When local Indian tribes began to attach religious significance to the find, the authorities, fearing the emergence of a dangerous cult, ordered the remains to be secretly reburied in another place, which was later forgotten, and the find was lost to science.

However, the New World was not without findings that confused the orthodox views of science.

In 1925, near Walkerton, Indiana, a group of explorers excavated an ancient “Indian mound” and discovered the skeletons of eight prehistoric giants 2.74 meters tall, dressed in copper armor. The location of the bones and armor is currently unknown.

American folklore, dating from before the European conquest, may provide clues to the origin of these huge bones.

The New England Delaware tribe claims that their ancestors migrated east from western North America.

According to their legends, shortly after crossing the Mississippi River, the Delawares encountered a race of giants who called themselves the Alleghenies (both the Allegheny River and the Allegheny Mountains are named after these mysterious people).

When the Indians asked for permission to pass through the land of the Alligewi, the giants refused, so the Delawares went to war against them, driving them out of the region.

It is possible that many of the giant remains scattered throughout North America are the legacy of the dispersed, now extinct Alligewi.


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