Explained why people in relationships gain overweight

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(ORDO NEWS) — Quite often, after people enter a relationship, they begin to gain extra pounds. Experts became interested in this issue and tried to establish why this is actually happening.

This is reported by the Wiley online library.

For some time, scientists have been observing couples who are still meeting and those who have already begun to live together. It has been established that couples who are just dating are less prone to gaining weight than married or those who live together. Moreover, the longer people are in a relationship, the greater their weight. For example, men who have lived with a woman for more than a year are twice as likely to be obese as single men. But the likelihood of gaining extra pounds increases markedly in women.

An interesting point was that couples who have been together for more than two years quite often suffer from synchronous obesity. At the same time, people spend more time at home and less physical activity.

Why do people in relationships gain weight?

• There is no need to monitor your shape to attract the opposite sex.
• They began to visit cafes or restaurants more often, and the portions of food increased at the same time.
• Physical activity has decreased, people spend more time at home.
• Adopt dietary habits or even the lifestyle of their significant other.

If people who have entered into a relationship believe that they do not need to take care of themselves for the sake of another person, then they also need to think about their health. Therefore, playing sports should be an integral part of life in order to avoid many diseases and at the same time always look attractive to your partner.


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