EXPLAINED – the strange behavior of the orbits of space bodies in the outer solar system

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists, to a large extent, can very specifically calculate the behavior of various objects in the solar system. But in some parts of it, where the reach of sunlight is minimal, for example, beyond the orbit of Neptune, sometimes something strange happens.

Many cosmic stones rotate in orbits around the Sun, and scientists are trying to find an explanation of why the behavior of these “separate objects” is so strange.

Previously, experts explained the appearance and behavior of these dark and icy bodies by the presence of a certain “Planet X”. According to theory, this planet is far from the solar system and gravitationally directs these objects in strange orbits.

But now astrophysicists have proposed another explanation. Collective gravity of individual objects led to the displacement of orbits and instability.

Scientist Anne-Marie Madigan from Boulder and his colleague Alexander Zderick, the first to explain all the orbital anomalies.

Astrophysicists modeled the external solar system using the capabilities of a supercomputer for the computationally complex task of accounting for the collective and individual nature of the masses of these external objects. According to scientists, they managed to display in the model everything that once existed in the planetary system.

During the study, scientists were able to see that the objects did not remain ordered for a long time, that is, they began to interact with each other and knock each other off their orbits. Over time, it was possible to obtain a picture similar to the orbits of objects today, which required a lot of mass in the outer solar system and this mass is larger than that of Planet X.

The hypothesis presented by scientists is in strong competition with the theory of the existence of Planet X.


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