Experts warn solar storms can damage human DNA

(ORDO NEWS) — Solar storms sometimes bring huge amounts of radiation to Earth, which negatively affects human technology, as well as DNA. Scientists spoke about the consequences of the sun’s influence on the human body.

Periodically, the Sun emits flares, which, as a rule, end harmlessly. However, sometimes the power of phenomena is so great that the human body is exposed to serious threats.

A violent outbreak is estimated to occur every 25 years. The last event took place in 1989. A solar storm has caused a blackout in Quebec (Canada). Moreover, studies have shown that such magnetic storms are a real radiation bomb that alters human DNA.

Increased radiation exposure is observed over the North Pole, therefore, residents of the northern regions, as well as astronauts, are most affected. Technology today makes it possible to predict magnetic storms, especially powerful ones, which helps to prepare in advance for them.

We only note that any evolution is a change in DNA, therefore, our set of genes cannot remain stable in any way.


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