Experts warn about the risk of the function of contactless payment acceptance

(ORDO NEWS) — Angara: The contactless payment acceptance feature is fraught with unauthorized withdrawals.

Angara warned Russians about the risk of the contactless payment acceptance function. NFC technology is fraught with unauthorized withdrawal of funds from a phone lying in your pocket if it is not blocked, RIA Novosti reports.

The company’s business development manager, Anna Mikhailova, explained that with potential benefits, there is a certain danger. NFC technology, although it has a short range, is not blocked by textiles.

“And since card reading will no longer require a bulky terminal, the risk of unauthorized withdrawals from an unlocked phone in a jeans or jacket pocket increases,” the expert added.

According to Mikhailova, at the moment it is not clear how such a function will be activated for individuals and how banks will be able to deal with unauthorized transactions.


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