Experts told what habits lead to early aging

(ORDO NEWS) — No one can avoid the aging process, but there are ways to help slow it down significantly.

To do this, it is enough to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and get rid of some habits that can adversely affect not only the appearance, but also the functioning of all organ systems.

There are different behaviors and lifestyles that can make a person look older and age faster. Many will not even suspect that something is wrong with their body unless they are faced with stress or illness.

In the very first place, the wrong way of life begins to appear on the skin. The skin becomes dry and flabby, hair falls out, nails become brittle.


These are the most stressful times for people due to the pandemic, quarantine, economic and social upheaval.

Stress promotes inflammation in the body, which leads to the release of toxic chemicals and various neuropsychological, immune-related, and biochemical imbalances that affect the aging process.

These changes can also lead to feelings of stress and fatigue.

Bad habits

Drinking alcohol, drugs and smoking are directly related to cellular and biochemical changes. Significantly increases the risk of various diseases at a younger age.

First of all, bad habits will be manifested by the fact that the skin will become less elastic, pigment spots will appear on it. The faster a person gets rid of bad habits, the less age-related changes he will face.

Poor quality sleep

A huge number of people around the world regularly lack sleep. Sleep and the aging process are closely linked.

Due to lack of sleep, the cells of the human body can begin to change not only genetically, but also biochemically. It also increases the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Internal aging is considered a completely natural process, but most of the external manifestations are the result of a lack of fluid in the body.

Therefore, it is worth drinking enough clean water every day to maintain the elasticity of the skin.


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