Experts told the benefits of basil

(ORDO NEWS) — Spicy herb, which is especially loved in Mediterranean cuisine, has been in increasing demand in our latitudes in recent years. And, it turns out, not in vain. In addition to a pleasant taste, the plant has a lot of useful properties.

Basil oil is widely used in medicine, including Vedic. It contains essential compounds useful for humans. Massage with the oil of this plant is very relaxing and soothes the muscles and nervous system.

In addition, basil is extremely beneficial for digestion. It can be consumed fresh by those who do not have enough of their own enzymes to break down food, or those who suffer from severe gas formation.

In some countries, there are even official medical recommendations for the use of basil. He is advised in case of dyspeptic conditions of the intestines: bloating, nausea, indigestion.

“Basil is an excellent antiseptic, its juice helps to heal wounds and reduce inflammation,” doctors advise. Some have successfully used the tincture of the plant to fight acne.

There is only one thing to consider: essential oils are very inte


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