Experts talked about what the edge of our solar system looks like

(ORDO NEWS) — Earth is one of the planets located in the solar system. We are far enough from its borders, where it is very cold.

Previously, experts had no idea what the edge of the solar system looks like, but using modern methods they still managed to obtain this unique information. It is reported by Live Science.

The latest development of scientists was a special 3D map of the edge of the solar system. It was created over the past 13 years and allowed to find out some of the secrets that are hidden in the outer heliosphere.

Dan Reisenfeld noted that the outer heliosphere is a separate region, where interstellar radiation deflects the flow of particles that comes from the Sun.

For the first time, they began to receive data on what the edge of the system looks like back in 2012, using the Voyager-1 apparatus for this.

The device, launched into space in 1977, transmitted information to Earth that the number of solar particles had decreased markedly after it crossed the boundaries of the solar system.

The inner layer, where the planets and the Sun are located, has a spherical shape. Its length in all directions is 90 astronomical units.

At the same time, the outer layer of the solar system is considered not so symmetrical. In one direction, its length is only 110 astronomical units, while in the other it reaches 350.

This asymmetry was caused by the fact that the Sun continues to move further along the Milky Way and at the same time rubs with galactic radiation, and also actively frees itself additional space for movement.


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