Experts spoke about the dangers of re-boiling water

(ORDO NEWS) — Everyone knows that by boiling water, you can get rid of harmful bacteria in it. But what if this water is boiled several times? What impact will this have on human health?

In the process of boiling water, the principle of evaporation and concentration works. That is, when water evaporates, impurities dissolved in water do not leave with steam.

Therefore, the concentration of these dangerous impurities increases. Also, distilled water can be boiled many times, and this does not harm health.

And if the water was taken from the tap? It really includes arsenic, nitrates, fluorides. But they are so few that they do not pose a health hazard.

The concentration of harmful substances really increases as you boil water again and again. But still, there are too few of them to harm you.

According to scientists, poisoning occurs if 0.6 mg of arsenic per 1 kg of body weight per day enters the human body.

It turns out that if the mass of a person is 75 kg, then in order to be poisoned, he will have to boil about 10 thousand liters of water and bring it to the volume of a coffee cup.

Is it true that boiling water affects the taste of water? Yes. The fact is that in the process of boiling, oxygen molecules are removed from the water.

But only people with a delicate taste will notice the difference between boiled and unboiled water.


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