Experts showed the consequences of stopping the rotation of the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Day and night, the change of seasons is the result of the Earth’s rotation around its axis and around the Sun. If our planet suddenly stops, the consequences will be irreversible. A group of researchers Tech Insider found out what will happen to our planet after it stops its rotation.

The experts also posted a video online. It only has a computer model of a terrible script. The video is really impressive and intimidating. By the way, today the speed of rotation of the earth is 465 m / s. And, if the planet suddenly stops, many objects and objects of nature will continue to move by inertia at the same speed.

The video clearly shows that at the moment of stopping, hurricanes and storms, tsunamis and earthquakes will begin on the surface of the earth. The disasters do not end there. In the beginning, the planet will have 6 months of hot summer and 6 months of arctic winter.

Later it will be divided into two parts. One will have unbearable heat, and the second will be eternal darkness and cold.

There will also be a shift in continents and oceans. For example, the continents will begin to move towards the equator. Oceans, on the contrary, will go to the poles of the Earth. Due to the fact that the Sun will regularly warm only one side of the Earth, the ozone ball will be burnt out. Namely, it protects the planet from solar radiation.

No one can survive in such a situation on the planet. At the same time, the complete extinction of all living things will pass very quickly. In other words, this is only a hypothesis, and so far there is no reason to be afraid.


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