Experts say controlled thermonuclear fusion could finally become a reality

(ORDO NEWS) — This sounds too good to be true, but experts around the world are claiming that controlled fusion, with the promise of pure and virtually limitless electricity, could be achieved very soon.

After nearly six decades of research and experimentation, according to the Financial Times , the latest scientific and technological advances can help you get what you want.

“Controlled fusion will be achieved faster than you expect,” said Fusion Industry Association executive director Andrew Holland.

Fusion Dreams

Nuclear fusion has very important advantages: unlike nuclear fission, nuclear fusion is, in fact, a virtually waste-free way of generating electricity, and it can never lead to such a terrible accident as at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on April 26, 1986.

In addition to being cleaner, nuclear fusion is many times more efficient than any other method of generating energy.

The Financial Times reports that one glass of “fuel” used for nuclear fusion will produce the same amount of energy as would be generated by burning a million gallons (about 3.8 million liters) of oil. It is noteworthy that this glass of fuel would be enough for 800 years of continuous nuclear fusion. Can you imagine that you can hold electricity in one hand for 800 years?

The problem is that controlled fusion technology is known to be quite difficult to stabilize . So far, no enterprise, public or private, has managed to build a fusion reactor that would produce more energy than it consumes.

Experts say controlled thermonuclear fusion could finally become a reality 2

Positive attitude

Investors have poured millions generously into controlled fusion technology. The Financial Times reports that Silicon Valley investor Sam Altman recently invested $ 375 million in American startup Helion, which is working in this direction.

If nuclear fusion becomes a reality one day, it could play an important role in saving the planet. Ecological clean and renewable energy, minimum waste – all this promises the nuclear fusion.

Hopefully, investors like Altman survive the mass of setbacks that paved the way to the goal.


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