Experts investigating train derailment in Ohio fell ill with an unknown disease

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(ORDO NEWS) — Seven experts who were investigating the derailment of the so-called chemical train in Ohio contracted a strange disease. They complained of nausea and severe headaches.

The symptoms are similar to poisoning. Local workers also complain about similar ailments.

All this is happening against the backdrop of statements by the US Department of the Environment that the level of pollution in the crash area does not exceed acceptable standards.

An environmental disaster with a Norfolk Southern train occurred in the United States on February 3.

The train was carrying thousands of liters of hazardous chemicals, including vinyl chloride. All this spilled and ignited in the area of ​​the city of Eastern Palestine.

The investigation into the crash is not easy. For example, earlier, five American environmentalists who flew to the scene of the tragedy died in a mysterious plane crash.

Activists said that the US media is hushing up the environmental disaster after the crash of a train with toxic substances in Ohio.


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