Experts have revealed the danger of smart speakers

(ORDO NEWS) — The director of IT Reserve, Myasoedov, warned of the risk of leaking conversations through a smart speaker.

Pavel Myasoedov, partner and director of IT Reserve, said that smart devices do not pose a direct threat to their owners, provided that digital hygiene rules are followed. This was announced by a specialist in an interview with the Prime agency.

The expert explained that when smart speakers turn on music, tell a story or read the weather forecast, they send a request to the Internet. It can be either short or longer. Myasoedov revealed the danger of such columns: their use threatens to leak personal data.

“Unfortunately, the very essence of smart speakers implies a constant connection to the global network and the search for information in it, which carries with it an increased risk of leaking confidential conversations.

The degree of risk directly depends on the manufacturer and its conscientiousness in terms of protecting users’ personal data,” he warned.

The specialist added that the creators of gadgets enter into user agreements with their owners, which allow them to analyze the records from the necessary point of view. Only machines can decrypt such data, since this format is rather complicated.

Myasoedov stressed that “the probability of compromising personal information is not very high,” however, such information can be used to set up targeted advertising.

He urged not to discuss confidential issues near smart speakers and turn them off for safety.


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