Experts have named the main signs of vitamin D deficiency

(ORDO NEWS) — Daily Express: Bone pain and weakness may indicate a vitamin D deficiency.

British doctors talked about the main signs of vitamin D deficiency in the body. Writes about this Daily Express.

According to experts, a lack of this vitamin can be indicated by bone pain, as well as weakness. Doctors stressed that vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased risk of death from heart or cancer.

Experts have advised that you consult your doctor before taking this vitamin. It is noted that vitamin D is not compatible with all medications.

Earlier, endocrinologist Tatyana Bocharova told the Russians what foods help to make up for the lack of vitamin D in the body. Oily fish (salmon, tuna, cod and sardines) and egg yolk should be included in the diet, and sunbathing, she said.


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