Experts have named a simple way to slow down aging

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the US National Institutes of Health have found that high sodium levels due to insufficient fluid intake can accelerate aging.

The new study involved 11 thousand people in middle and old age.

Their biological age was calculated based on 15 features, including blood pressure, estimated glomerular filtration rate, forced expiratory volume, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

The scientists found that sodium levels above 142 mmol/L increased the risk of developing chronic diseases by 39%.

In addition, sodium levels above 144 mmol/L were associated with a 21% increased risk of early death.

Through analysis of other publications, the authors confirmed that higher sodium levels are associated with lower fluid intake.

In addition, previous studies have shown that lower body hydration activates pathways that accelerate aging and degenerative processes, and shortens lifespan in mice.


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