Experts explain why women get cancer more often than men

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers from Britain found that most often women get cancer. The number of cases among men is six times less and, according to experts, the obesity epidemic could lead to such indicators, reports Cancer Research UK.

According to statistics, an unhealthy lifestyle among all people often leads to oncological diseases to the same extent, but women are still more susceptible to the disease. Based on these indicators, doctors advise women to avoid risk factors as much as possible, which can positively affect the total number of cases in the world. If we talk about the circumstances that can trigger the development of cancer and which can be avoided, then experts gave obesity the second place after smoking, which this list tops.

The study also showed that for another 20 years the number of cases among women will increase 6 times faster than among men. Scientists suggest that for males, the percentage of growth will be about 0.5, and for women – 3%.

Although men are now more affected by overweight problems, obesity affects women’s cancer rates more often due to physiological characteristics. The reason for this is that many tumors that are associated with weight gain in most cases arise precisely in the female body, for example, malignant tumors in the chest, uterus, cervix. Also, the increase in the number of women who are affected by cancer can be explained by the fact that among the fair sex over the past ten years there have been many smokers and drinkers.

The negative dynamics of lung cancer cases is also increasing, although there are fewer people who like to smoke, for example, in the UK. This is due to the fact that many women started smoking back in the 60s of the last century, when it was popular mainly among men.


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