Experts estimate how much it would cost to build an Egyptian pyramid today

(ORDO NEWS) — The Egyptian pyramids are an important historical architectural heritage of the country, attracting tourists and explorers from all over the world. The experts decided to calculate how much it would cost to build such a structure in modern times.

As of 2018, there were almost 140 ancient pyramids in Egypt, most of which were built as tombs for rulers. There were also conspiracy theories, according to which these were space observatories.

Back in 2012, architects began to calculate how much they would have to invest in the construction of such a “building” today. For this, the dimensions of the structures, the materials used and other nuances were taken into account.

The Cheops Pyramid, also known as the Great Pyramid of Giza, was used as an example. According to historians, it was built about 4,500 years ago. At the time of completion of the work, the height of the structure reached 146 meters.

Under the influence of a number of factors, including natural ones, the figure has changed to 138 meters. The pyramid was built using 2.3 million stones, each weighing about 3 tons. The total mass of the structure is estimated by experts at 6.5 million tons. The construction took at least 20 years, although the deadlines differ.

Jean-Pierre Houdin, an architect from France, is confident that it is quite possible to build such a large pyramid now, although this is not an easy task.

For this, modern types of equipment, including a crane, would be involved. Due to the height of the structure, the top would have been erected by attracting helicopters. Those are now actively used during the construction of skyscrapers and bridges.

With modern tools, the process would take about five years. It would take up to 2,000 specialists to attract, which is a rather modest figure compared to how many people were involved in the construction of the pyramids in ancient Egypt.

When taking into account the cost of materials, workers and other necessary things, the initiative would cost about $ 5 billion. Such a cost is not entirely exorbitant. For example, the World Trade Center in Manhattan is worth $4 billion.


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