Experts doubt that the vaccine will save humanity from Covid-19

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In many developed countries, studies are underway to create a vaccine against coronavirus. Already in the world, seven options have been created that are awaiting clinical trials.

Scientists have reached certain heights in the development of vaccines over the past few decades, but only effective drugs against RNA viruses did not appear, said Dr. Sean Lin of the Army Research Institute.

RNA strains include influenza, all variants of coronaviruses (in particular SARS and MERS), as well as HIV and Ebola. Only influenza managed to create effective vaccines. According to the doctor, even in the event of vaccination, infection is very likely to occur, and subsequently serious symptoms or even death.

Vaccines that are developed today may be ineffective due to a virus mutation. Dong Yuhong, a researcher at Sun Regen Healthcare AG, a biotechnology company, is pessimistic about what is happening. He believes that people in the near future will not be able to develop a working tool, because only to create one variation requires a minimum of 18 months. This time is enough for the strain to mutate hundreds of times.

Coronavirus has a destructive effect on human immunity, it is very difficult to cope with a negative effect. The virus causes a significant decrease in lymphocytes in the blood, while other viruses do not affect their concentration in the human body.

And the last point – the vaccine can have side effects. Sometimes it happens that antibodies do not kill the strain, but only contribute to its spread. Given all these factors, scientists have no hope that the vaccine will save the world. Much more effective is maintaining distance and wearing masks.


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