Experts decipher the predictions of Nostradamus for 2022

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts have deciphered the prediction of Nostradamus for 2022 , which deals with the future of the United States, China, military conflicts, solar energy and space tourism. The seer’s statements were studied by the journalists of the Bulgarian edition “Fakti”.

As you know, Nostradamus wrote his prophecies using a cipher based on four languages ​​- Latin, Old French, Italian and Greek. The predictor’s statements for 2022 were deciphered.

So, the prediction says that in 2022 the United States risks losing even more political weight on the world stage, as the country’s authorities will become more unmanageable and less competent. On the contrary, China will strengthen its position, since it will focus on the economic balance.

New armed clashes may arise in different parts of the planet.

Space tourism will become more affordable in 2022. Space flights are already underway, most of the crews are tourists, not professional astronauts.

The visionary also wrote that many leading countries will begin a more active transition to renewable energy sources – in particular, solar.


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