Experts called the dog breed that most often bites people

(ORDO NEWS) — British researchers have identified the breed of dog whose representatives most often attack people.

According to The Independent, lawyers report that the majority of animal attack personal injury claims in developed countries are… Labrador Retrievers. Yes, yes, because of the cute handsome good-natured people.

The study was conducted by experts from Animal Friends, an animal insurance company. It turned out that Labradors, who are called the best friends of children, turned out to be the sworn enemies of postmen – couriers and postal employees were involved in almost a third of the incidents.

Men were bitten by Labradors much more often than women. In 2015, only the Royal Mail Service recorded 2.6 thousand cases of attacks on its employees.

According to animal psychologist Roger Mugford, dogs attack strangers who come into the house, perceiving them as a threat to their “pack” – the family. In summer, attacks increase by ten percent when children and pets spend a lot of time in the garden.

Mugford advises postmen to befriend local dogs and “bribe” them with treats. In his opinion, dogs remember people well and will not bite someone who treats them well.

The most common consequences of attacks are amputation of fingers, scarring and nervous shocks. In addition to Labradors, German Shepherds, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and Border Collies are the most commonly attacked.


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