Experts called another symptom of coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Doctors from around the world report that many patients who have been infected with coronavirus have a common symptom. The toes begin to redden and then become inflamed.

The reasons for this have not yet been established. But experts advise everyone who has noticed a similar symptom to undergo immediate testing for the presence of coronavirus.

Last week, dermatologists began to study exactly how coronavirus can affect the condition of the skin. In just half a day, statements from doctors that many patients have swollen and red toes came from all over the world. It seems that they were frostbite.

Experts suggest that the cause may be that coronavirus causes general inflammation in the body or leads to damage to blood vessels. Another plausible version is that the virus can lead to the accumulation of blood clots in the capillaries located in the legs. It is worth noting that this is most often observed in younger patients who do not have any serious health problems.


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