Experts baffled by mysterious creatures found on North Carolina beach

(ORDO NEWS) — A pair of strange sea creatures washed ashore in North Carolina have wildlife experts scratching their heads and turning to the public in hopes of identifying the mysterious creatures of the deep sea.

The mysterious creatures were reportedly discovered by workers at the Cape Lookout National Marine Sanctuary, which controls part of the state’s barrier islands.

Posting pictures of the strange creatures on their Facebook page, department officials explained that members of their “turtle patrol” team stumbled upon two strange creatures lying on the beach, and noted that “while we are at a dead end, what could it be.”

Described as “16 cm long and no longer alive,” the two dark creatures appear to have a series of white spikes protruding from their bodies, although the department admitted they are unsure of the nature of these appendages.

Experts from the Cape Lookout National Seashore have speculated that the animals could be a “species of sea cucumber” or possibly sea slugs, but they were unable to conclusively prove this theory as the strange creatures “could not be matched with any image posted online.” “.

So they turned to members of the Facebook group to help them solve the mystery. And, unsurprisingly, people on social media have made a huge amount of speculation about what these animals might be, including fireworms, bristleworms, or the aforementioned sea cucumber.

Others simply marveled at the strange animals, with one imaginative person comparing them to the creature that “popped out of that man’s stomach in the movie Alien.”


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