Expert told how to determine psychic abilities by a mole and eyes

(ORDO NEWS) — The esoteric, in an interview with, listed the external signs of people with paranormal capabilities known since ancient times.

There are many mysterious marks on our bodies, in which lovers of the supernatural tend to seek and find a special meaning. They tried to interpret moles, hair and eye color for centuries, and “recognizing” a witch in a red-haired beauty, they sent her to the fire.

The “proven” and known from ancient times external signs of people with paranormal abilities were listed exclusively for by psychic Andrey Harris.

“In the Middle Ages, mysterious signs on the human body were called“ the mark of the devil ”, today little has changed,” the seer said.


Unusual moles, birthmarks or childhood scars will tell you about paranormal abilities. Depending on the location on the body, according to the esotericist, they will also reveal the prevailing channel of information perception.

So, a mole near the eyes indicates the gift of clairvoyance;

in the forehead – about clarity, the ability to know without understanding how or why you know it, a kind of strong intuition;

in the area of ​​the ears – about clairaudience, the ability to recognize “signs of fate” by the inner voice or from the outside.

The esoteric noted that moles or birthmarks in the form of stars, hearts, triangles, and also in the form of the constellation Ursa Major, for example, on the hand, have special power.

“A mole or mark on the hands and feet is almost 100% a sign of a witch or a sorcerer, as well as the ability to influence space,” the psychic emphasized.


A clear sign of magical ability is the eyes with a pronounced black rim around the iris.

Another proof is a very heavy look, as if penetrating into the soul. There is a feeling that the interlocutor seems to be sucking into himself.

The color of the eyes will give out the possession of a special natural strength. As a rule, women and men on the dark side have green or brown eyes, and for light people working with light forces, the eyes will be either gray or a little steel shade.

“A very rare but sure sign that a very strong black sorcerer or witch is in front of you is an inverted reflection in the eyes. Ordinary people have a reflection, as a rule, in direct projection, ”the seer revealed the peculiarity of dark power.


A classic witch – with red hair, along with fiery hair color, burning brunettes are often found among dark sorceresses.


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