Expert spoke about the unusual effect of vaccination against coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — People who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus are subject to the nocebo effect, when patients complain about adverse events due to the vaccine, but in fact, the negative symptoms have nothing to do with it.

This, referring to the study, URA.RU said immunologist, candidate of medical sciences Nikolai Kryuchkov.

“There is a study that appears to be a very significant proportion of adverse events as a result of the use of vaccines, especially systemic ones, due to the nocebo effect.

We compared the vaccine groups with the placebo group and realized that placebo patients have very common adverse events. They weren’t injected with anything significant, and they have a lot of undesirable phenomena.

“And despite the fact that after the first injection, in about 70% of people who complain about adverse events after the introduction of the vaccine, these phenomena can be caused by this nocebo effect, that is, not at all related to the vaccine itself. And after the second injection, about half of them.


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