Expert said for whom medical masks can be dangerous

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Sputnik radio journalists interviewed the head of the Green Patrol organization, Andrei Nagibin, during which the expert told who medical masks and gloves could be dangerous. In addition, Nagibin shared how to eliminate a potential threat.

So, according to the expert, if in hospitals masks and other protective equipment that were used by patients are disposed of in special containers for class B and C waste, then houses infected with coronavirus are placed in an ordinary bucket.

At the same time, workers are usually engaged in sorting household garbage with their own hands, which, in turn, poses the risks of contact contamination from objects used by the infected. In addition, it can also be dangerous for utilities.

“The breakdown of the infection at home takes up to seven days, and on the street it takes 24 hours ,” said Nagibin. So, according to him, it is necessary to dispose of masks, gloves, cotton buds, as well as other items used by the infected coronavirus, in a separate package, which will subsequently be taken from him. Nagibin also believes that it would not be superfluous to place special containers for epidemiologically hazardous waste on the streets with disposal specially provided for them.


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