Expert: in the near future, humanity will be controlled by artificial intelligence

(ORDO NEWS) — According to Simon McCarthy-Jones, associate professor of clinical psychology and neuropsychology at Trinity College Dublin, in the near future, artificial intelligence (hereinafter AI) will have the opportunity to know humanity better than it can study itself.

AI is a term that essentially allows robots to learn. This concept will run counter to all the ideologies of Western society and is the dream of totalitarianism, the scientist warned. AI-armed governments will be able to completely control their populations and use algorithms to predict and ultimately tell people what they want.

Machine learning algorithms are already being used by large tech companies, which can then sell them to third parties. When governments fully embrace such technologies, it will mark the end of Western ideologies.

“Individualistic Western societies are built on the idea that no one knows our thoughts, desires, or joys better than we do. And so we put ourselves, not the government, in charge of our lives. We tend to agree with the assertion of the philosopher Immanuel Kant that no one has the right to impose their idea of ​​a good life on us.”

“AI will change all that. He will know us better than ourselves. A government armed with AI can claim to know what its people really want and what will really make them happy. At best, it will use this to justify paternalism, at worst, totalitarianism.”

“Every hell begins with the promise of heaven. AI-led totalitarianism will be no exception. Freedom will become obedience to the state. Only irrational, vicious or subversive people can choose to choose their own path.”

Elon Musk has already warned that if AI is released from control, it will outstrip human development in less than five years. Mr. McCarthy-Jones believes that the best way to protect yourself from a totalitarian future driven by artificial intelligence is to not be so open about your personal life on social media.

Thus, the scientist argues, machine learning algorithms will not be able to predict and therefore tell us what we want.

“Today, AI can predict which movies we will like, what news we want to read, and who we want to befriend on Facebook. He can predict whether couples will stay together or even lead a person to suicidal thoughts.

“From our Facebook likes, AI can predict our religious and political beliefs, personality, intelligence, drug use and happiness. AI prediction accuracy will only get better. In the not too distant future, as writer Yuval Noah Harari has suggested, AI may tell us who we are before we know it ourselves. ”


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