Exotic spider monkey found in Mexico

(ORDO NEWS) — On the territory of modern Mexico, they discovered the skeleton of a spider monkey, exotic for this region.

The discovery was made during excavations at the “Pillar Square” in Teotihuacan, the largest city of pre-Columbian America of the 2nd-6th centuries.

In addition to the skeleton of a monkey, the remains of other animals were found there, as well as thousands of fragments of Maya-style frescoes and more than 14,000 pottery shards from a large feast.

Apparently, the monkey was brought to the city by the Maya Indians as a gift. “Teotihuacan attracted people from all over the world, it was a place where people came to exchange goods, property and ideas.

It was a place of innovation. The discovery of the spider monkey allowed us to identify links between Teotihuacan and Maya leaders,” the scientists explain.

Most likely, the animal was sacrificed along with rattlesnakes as one of the “powerful” creatures.

Examination of two teeth, an upper and lower canine, shows that the monkey in Teotihuacan ate corn, chili peppers, and other foods.

The composition of the bones indicates that they have been in captivity for at least two years. Before arriving in Teotihuacan, she lived in a humid environment, feeding mainly on plants and roots.


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