Exoplanet with the help of volcanoes acquired a new atmosphere

(ORDO NEWS) — Observations of cosmic bodies made it possible to observe incredible processes – one of the planets lost its atmosphere, but restored it with the help of the activity of volcanoes.

In 2015, the planet GJ1132b lost its atmosphere, but later a new one appeared. The volcanoes that are constantly erupting on this planet have generated a hydrogen ball.

This is reported by NASA.

The US Space Agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory monitored this space object using the Hubble Telescope.

Raissa Estrela, one of the scientists who monitored GJ1132b, said that in most cases, such observations are quite boring. When a planet loses its atmosphere, all activities on it cease.

In this case, there was a rare exception. The exoplanet generated a new hydrogen atmosphere quickly enough. Raisa says that such celestial bodies revolve around the stars. As a result of the explosion of stars, many exoplanets are carried away at a great distance, they become burned out or perish along with the star.

GJ1132 is located next to the star around which it revolves.

There is an ebb and flow, and it absorbs a lot of stellar radiation. As a result, due to strong heating, a large amount of gases began to form on the planet, and volcanoes are also actively working. That is why the new atmosphere was reborn literally out of nothing.


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