Exoplanet found with only 11 days of year

(ORDO NEWS) — Japanese astronomers using the Subaru telescope have discovered a “super-Earth“. The planet was named Ross 508b.

The exoplanet rotates at great speed around the red dwarf Ross 508. It completes a complete revolution in just 10.75 days. At the same time, the star is located very close – at a distance of 36.5 light years.

Exoplanet Ross 508b is located in the habitable zone of a rather dim red dwarf. In this area, there is quite a comfortable temperature, not too high and not too low.

That is why there are chances for the origin of life. At the same time, experts note that there is definitely no life on the discovered planet in the form that people are used to.

Ross 508b is 4 times the size of Earth. It takes less than 11 days to complete a revolution around its star. At the same time, our planet revolves around the Sun in 365 days.

At the same time, the parent star of the exoplanet is very small, and its mass is approximately 18% of the mass of the Sun.

Astronomers note that the red dwarf Ross 508 is by far the dimmest of all the discovered stars, planets revolve around. Presumably, the exoplanet may turn out to be exactly the same rocky world as the Earth.

The new planet was discovered using a special Doppler method. It allows you to find changes in the speed of a star, which is influenced by the gravity of the planet that is located in its immediate vicinity.

In addition, changes of this type can affect the light reaching our planet.

At the same time, in the modern world, scientists more often use the transit method. The planets are fixed precisely when they pass against the background of the star around which it rotates and thus affects the index of its luminosity.

With the help of such “dips” in brightness, astronomers obtain the necessary data about a particular planet.


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