Exercise can help you avoid the dangerous effects of sleep deprivation

(ORDO NEWS) — Not getting enough sleep, as well as the complete absence of sports activities, lead to the fact that the risk of death begins to increase. Lack of sleep can trigger the development of a wide variety of life-threatening diseases. Including cancer, stroke and a variety of heart problems.

This is reported by Mail Online.

Experts working at the University of Sydney analyzed the data of 380 thousand Britons, which were collected over 11 years. They monitored how much physical activity was applied, the quality and quantity of sleep, and how many people died during this time. The results were amazing. It is very easy to compensate for the lack of quality sleep with the help of physical activity. It takes 150 minutes a week to stay healthy.

The experts also provided data on the fact that people who did not sleep much and did not play sports were at risk. Their risk of premature mortality was about 57% higher than in the rest of the volunteers. In turn, those who slept little, but at the same time went in for sports, remained practically at the same level as people who had absolutely no problems with sleep.

So far, scientists cannot name the exact reason why not getting enough sleep provokes such serious health problems. The most common version is that the body is constantly under stress, which can cause the development of an inflammatory process in the arteries and provoke heart failure.


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