Excavations of 20 ancient tombs in China’s Hunan province completed

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists in the province of Hunan Central China have completed excavations of 20 ancient burials, most of which date back to the time of the Han Dynasty 202 BC. – 220 AD, reported at the provincial institute of cultural monuments and archeology.

Excavations in Qingshuiping Township, Baojing County unearthed 75 items, including ritual utensils, household items, as well as ceramics, iron and bronze items, etc.

According to Yuan Wei, head of the archaeological project, the burials are concentrated and orderly located on a low hillside near the banks of the Yushui River. Among them, burial number 6 is a vertical cave-type burial with an oval frame.

Burials with such an unusual shape and structure are mainly found in areas located in the middle and upper reaches of the Yushui River.

At the site of another burial, dating back to the reign of the Ming and Qing dynasties /1368-1911 /, stones were piled, which was at that time a burial custom widespread in the western part of the prov. Hunan.

The tombs in Qingshuiping Township mainly consist of small to medium-sized tombs, and most of them date back to the Han Dynasty, Yuan Wei said.

“During the Han Dynasty, it was a remote area where different cultures intersected at that time,” said Yuan Wei.

“The finds shed light on the social order and social administration at that time and testify to the process of integration of numerous ethnic groups,” he added.


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