Exactly how and when the Sun will die

(ORDO NEWS) — Everything has an end, and in this case the Sun was no exception. This event will have a certain impact on the Earth, but people will no longer observe it.

This is reported by Science Alert.

The planetary nebula is a fairly bright envelope that consists of dust and gas. It is she who indicates that behind already about 90% of the active life of any star. In this case, the star begins to transform from a red giant into a white dwarf.

For a long time, experts could not say whether something like this would happen to the Sun. They believed that its mass was insufficient to create a noticeable planetary nebula.

In 2018, a study was carried out, which showed that this particular variant of the death of the Sun is the most likely. It is of medium size and is a yellow dwarf, but actually glows bright white. The sun is difficult to call a dwarf, because it is about 109 times wider than our planet.

A star consists of a certain set of gases that are located in plasma. In turn, plasma is a substance that somewhat resembles a gas, but with a large number of ionized particles.

By studying many other stars, experts believe that the sun could die in about 10 billion years. But many other things will happen before that. For example, after 5 billion years, the star will become a red giant.

The core will gradually expand and absorb everything in its path until it reaches the orbit of Mars. By that time, humanity will no longer exist if it is not possible to find a way to leave the Earth.


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