Ex-major of the US Air Force said that an alien was shot at an American military base

(ORDO NEWS) — In 1978, according to Major George Filler, an incident occurred: an alleged spy plane was spotted in the sky, which turned out to be a flying saucer. Inside the UFO was a thin, gray-brown creature, which was killed by five shots.

The creation was shot by a military police officer in Fort Dix, New Jersey. The senior officer later told George Filler what had happened. He said that the UFO buzzed very strangely and loudly. Nobody could understand what was happening and how to stop it. The case is described in detail in the book by the former officer, which was called “Strange Ship: The True Story of the Life of a US Air Force Intelligence Officer and UFOs.”

The incident took place on January 18, 1978. According to the information in the book, the killing of the alien was forced. After he died, UFOs began to hover over the scene. Filler inquired about the parameters of the humanoid and its appearance. It was thin and had the color of a toad’s skin. The policeman saw the alien with his own eyes. He even managed to talk to him: after the fall of the downed UFO, the alien came out of it and began to move somewhere. The officer ordered to stand still and not move, but the creature continued to twitch, which is logical because it did not understand English. The officer was forced to shoot the humanoid for safety.

Everything took place at the Fort Dix base. An eight-hour reconnaissance meeting for senior officers was planned there, but plans changed dramatically. What happened to the body of the alien is not known. Perhaps it was handed over to scientists for study under the “top secret” brief. Thus, there is one more proof that other intelligent civilizations do exist.


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