Evidence presented US astronauts did indeed land on the moon

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — There are many conspiracy theories that the Americans allegedly completely falsified all frames of the moon landing. At the same time, conspiracy supporters do not even try to find facts proving the opposite.

To begin with, to understand that US astronauts actually set foot on the moon, it is worth analyzing a 1969 surface image recently taken by a satellite. Photos are completely identical. In the 1960s, it was not possible to make three-dimensional maps, therefore it was possible to find out the real relief only if a satellite was visited. No artist could depict the exact shape of hills and valleys, unless, of course, he is the strongest psychic.

Evidence presented that American astronauts did indeed land on the moon 2

The next moment is the dirt flying away from the wheels of the lunar rover. On the territory of the moon, all elements fly further, since gravity is very low and there is no air resistance. The path of the dirt from under the wheels is fully consistent with the vacuum environment, that is, it is an ideal parabola.

Third fact: the scientific community has received many samples of lunar soil. Inside, the stones had a structure that could only form on our satellite, where there is no atmosphere, low humidity and gravity. No scientist doubted that the samples are genuine. Thanks to them, scientists knew the lion’s share of facts about the moon.

The brought samples would not have hit the Earth in any way: they would have immediately burnt in the atmosphere. Meteorites, in turn, would be covered with a “crust”. This immediately excludes a possible act of fraud.

To make the flight to the moon a reality, over 10,000 people worked for 10 years. They created a completely new missile system, came up with innovative materials and elements. Many developments of those years became the basis for a large number of consumer goods. In total, $ 100 billion was spent, and the creation process itself was documented at each stage. The launch itself was watched by 100 thousand people. It is unlikely that all this would be conceived, then simply cancel.


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