Evidence of UFO sightings found in ancient Chinese chronicles

(ORDO NEWS) — The records of the ancient Chinese astronomer Shen Ko led in the eleventh century AD describe strange flying objects that are associated with UFOs. This is a phenomenon that the inhabitants of China during the time of Emperor Jiao (1056-1064) called the “pearl”.

An unidentified flying object, according to the records of the Chinese scientist Shen Ko, appeared in Jiangsu province during the reign of Emperor Jiao. At night, local residents saw something glowing emerging from under the surface of Lake Xingkai.

“In the sky over Yanzhou, in Jiangsu province, a strange flying object was seen that emerged from Lake Xingai at night, and then plunged into its waters again. In the” pearl “every now and then an open door was seen through which bright light streamed.” – said in a written testimony, which was preserved thanks to a Chinese astronomer who lived at the beginning of the second millennium.

Shen Ko wrote that the “pearl” emerging from the lake emitted such a bright glow that when looking at it, eyes hurt. Local residents who observed the mysterious object decided to build a pavilion for it on the shores of Lake Xingkai. The building that appeared on the shore was called the Pearl Pavilion. The further fate of the UFO, which was shown in China almost a thousand years ago, cannot be traced.


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