Evidence of close contact of ancient civilizations found in Tibet

(ORDO NEWS) — Scholars have long known that the ancient Tibetan peoples were active in trade with central China at the turn of the seventh and eighth centuries AD.

However, until recently there was no material evidence of this contact. It became known that archaeologists from the Tibet Autonomous Region of China found artifacts in the tombs proving trade relations between the Tibetan kingdom of Tubo and the Chinese Tang empire.

It is reported that during the excavations, more than 50 ancient burials were studied in the territory of the city of Lhasa.

As a result, scientists were able to find more than three hundred evidence of the interaction of ancient civilizations in the form of fabrics, ceramics, gold jewelry and much more.

Most of the discovered relics belong to the Chinese culture of that time. In particular, black and white figurines were found for playing the popular board game Go.

The authors of the study noted that Go began to gain its popularity just during the reign of the Tang Dynasty.

In addition to the figurines, ornaments and utensils in drawings and patterns typical of the Chinese peoples were found.

Scientists noted that the found artifacts prove the cultural interaction between the Tubo and Tang civilizations.


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