Every person is surrounded by a mysterious energy field – scientists say

(ORDO NEWS) — Biochemist John Norman of the University of Maryland and his colleagues are confident that they have found evidence for the existence of a bioenergy field around people.

Spiritual communities have been talking about the existence of this mysterious field for thousands of years, but scientists, including John Norman, Dr. Hansen, William H. van den Berg of the University of Pennsylvania and William van der Slyest of Gettysburg College, have experimentally tried to confirm or deny it. Existence.

The results of the corresponding study were presented in the scientific journal Journal of Scientific Exploration.

Dr. Hansen tried to find out if an energy field exists, then whether it can have a visible effect on matter. The scientist used an ordinary pendulum, which was mounted on a tripod above the subjects’ heads. The pendulum always began to move when it was above a person.

“Experiments show that the pendulum detects and measures significant forces that dramatically alter the movement of the pendulum when a subject sits beneath it,” the study said.

The researchers believe that the movement of the pendulum was caused by a kind of force field generated by the participant in the experiment. According to scientists, they do not understand what kind of power that could be explained and described in the framework of modern scientific knowledge.

“This is incompatible with the physics of a simple harmonic generator, such as a torsion pendulum, which must return to simple harmonic oscillation immediately after any external disturbances have ceased,” the study said.

All people had almost the same influence on the pendulum. Interestingly, even when the subject left the room, the pendulum continued to move for almost an hour.

The entire experiment was recorded on a video camera connected to a computer, which detected and measured the slightest movement of the pendulum and saved this information for later analysis.

At the May conference, Hansen reported that they were experimenting with people with different attitudes towards spiritual practices. For example, among people who have been meditating for years, the pendulum behaved differently in the normal state and when the person was in meditation. The scientist came to the conclusion that the mental state of an individual is capable of influencing the behavior of the pendulum.


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