Even Google employees laugh at incognito mode – it does not provide any privacy

(ORDO NEWS) — It turns out that even Google’s own employees disagree with the company’s privacy claims in incognito mode.

This mode has only one function – to hide your search history from prying eyes. He is no longer capable of anything. And yet, many people forget about it.

In recent years, the tech giant’s employees have reportedly joked about the inept and potentially misleading privacy protection feature, and one marketing staff member reportedly emailed CEO Sundar Pichai directly, begging him to make the product truly live up to its name, according to recent court filings.

documents viewed by Bloomberg. These jokes and internal criticisms come amid multiple lawsuits questioning Google’s transparency regarding incognito mode.

Incognito or not?

“Make incognito mode really private,” Google head of marketing Lorraine Twohill wrote in an email to the Google CEO.

It’s worth noting that Twohill sent this email after several users filed a multi-billion dollar class-action privacy lawsuit against Google for allegedly tracking user activity using incognito mode.

These users claim that allegedly secret tracking amounts to a breach of privacy. The judge presiding over last week’s lawsuit refused to allow the plaintiffs to interrogate Pichai during the pre-trial, despite the CEO’s connection to the development of Google Chrome and many disturbing emails regarding the incognito.

Let’s go back a second.

To be clear, Google Chrome’s so-called incognito browsing hides your search history from other users of your device, but doesn’t really prevent Google or advertisers from using and benefiting from that data.

Critics of the incognito, such as class-action plaintiffs and, more recently, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, have argued that Google’s branding and the hype surrounding incognito mode make it seem like it protects privacy far more than it actually does.

Paxton, in particular, argues that the perceptions of incognito mode that the company creates. are “false and misleading”.

Google, according to court documents reviewed by Bloomberg, argues that incognito mode does not provide complete invisibility on the Internet, and says users agree to this every time they use the service.


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