EVALI disease affects e-cigarette lovers

(ORDO NEWS) — Even two years before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, doctors sounded the alarm about the rapid spread of another disease affecting e-cigarette users.

We are talking about EVALI or “vaper disease”, as many used to call it.

People who were fond of vaping began to cough, complain of pain in the chest area, sometimes their condition could be accompanied by nausea or vomiting.

Since August 2019, over 2.7 thousand people with such symptoms have been hospitalized in the United States in just six months.

Moreover, the course of the then unknown disease was quite severe, but doctors managed to save the lives of 93% of patients.

It is noteworthy that scientists still do not know the exact causes of the development of the “vaper disease”, putting forward only assumptions on this matter.

In addition, recently they have developed certain methods for the treatment of EVALI, which makes the situation not so hopeless.

Meanwhile, experts emphasize that electronic cigarettes are still popular, so everyone who decides to switch to vaping needs to be aware of the threat.

It is reported that during CT scans in patients with EVALI, the device most often showed such a symptom as “ground glass”.

This is what doctors call a pathological change in lung tissue, in which the transparency of the material is significantly reduced.

This indicates severe damage to the alveoli, and, with the “vaper disease”, a huge number of them are damaged, which is very similar to a chemical burn.

The fact is that scientists consider vitamin E, which manufacturers of vaping liquids use as a thickener, to be the main culprit in EVALI.

By itself, it is harmless, but under the influence of temperatures and when inhaled as an aerosol, it can decompose into more toxic substances: benzene, ketene and alkene.

However, such a thickener is not used in liquids sold in Russia; it is more often found in products sold in the USA and containing prohibited substances.


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