Europe’s oldest time capsule found

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the process of repairing an old church in the Polish city of Zembiec, building documents and coins hidden in a steeple were discovered.

The document was written in 1797 in German. It lists the names of people who participated in the construction of the church and donated money for the construction.

A personal note was also discovered from two women who donated money for the construction of the church. In the XVIII century, the city of Zembiec was called Munsterberg and was part of Prussia.

Judging by the presence of coins in the cache in 1855, in the 19th century someone found a capsule, cleaned it and added new artifacts to it. Documents and photographs dating from 1902–1903 were found next to the capsule.

These include the Münsterberger Zeitung newspaper of August 20, 1902 and prayer books. After restoration work, the findings will be put on public display.

The oldest time capsule is considered to be a cache discovered in one of Boston’s houses. A box of documents, newspapers and coins was walled up in a wall in 1795. This makes the Polish capsule the oldest in Europe and the second oldest in the world.


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