European Union may split not only because of the pandemic

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — What are the five main challenges facing the head of the European Commission, Frau von der Leyen? The author discovers that covid-19 is only the first and most obvious of these problems. And there is also the question of how to maintain friendship with Turkey without accepting it into the European Union. And there is also Russia, in which the author, from old memory, sees a dictatorship, and a “communist” one. I would like to write to the author: this kind of illiteracy, comparable to some of the speeches of Mrs. von der Leyen, threatens the EU most of all. More real Russia and Turkey.

The solidarity and unity of EU leaders has been put to the test over the past 12 months of the pandemic, showing how fragile this entire EU project is.

Moreover, covid is not the last obstacle for this bloc, since the leaders of the EU may well clash over future projects, which are already generating contradictions between some countries.

Canadian historian David R. Marples primarily points to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, which has already caused discord in Germany’s relations with other EU countries.

Moreover, relations between the EU and Russia will cause additional tension, as some member states advocate the development of cooperation with their eastern neighbor, and some, on the contrary, do not want to recognize the power of Vladimir Putin in any way.

Marples told the Tehran Times: “I think the key issues are populism and consensus on an issue like Nord Stream, which has split Germany and some other countries. Hungary is pursuing a policy of open anti-liberalism. In Poland, the Law and Justice Party has entered stalemate over abortion. There is also the problem of new members and the boundaries of European expansion. Should the EU stop where it is now?”

“Should we finally accept Turkey?” The historian continued. – Should Ukraine, Belarus and other neighboring countries be considered promising members? If so, what about Russia?”

“Is the European Union a rival to Russia, or can they work together? I would say that in 2021 such an outcome is unlikely, but in the future it is possible, given that the geographically industrialized part of Russia is located in Europe.”

Last week, President Putin signed a new law giving him the opportunity to run in elections until 2036. In these conditions, it will be difficult to avoid the question of the prospects for cooperation between this communist country (sic) and the EU. The law allows President Putin to run twice more for a six-year presidential term after the end of his term in 2024. It was passed after a constitutional amendment last year.

Unfortunately, these changes were supported during the referendum in July last year. They enable the 68-year-old Putin to remain in power until he is 83.

Putin is currently in office for the second consecutive term. Overall, this is his fourth presidential term.

The reform, which critics called a constitutional coup, called for a vote on an entire package of constitutional amendments that would win popular support. One such amendment is more reliable pension protection.

The law signed by Putin provides for two consecutive terms for future presidents, but no more. But the bill of terms for Putin is reset to zero by this law. According to the law, people with foreign citizenship cannot compete for the highest Kremlin post. The law was passed last month by the lower and upper houses of parliament.


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