European service modules for the Artemis mission are produced at Airbus factories

(ORDO NEWS) — The third (pictured) and fourth European service modules are currently being manufactured at Airbus’ factories in Bremen, Germany. They are key elements of the Orion spacecraft.

These modules provide the spacecraft with propulsion, power and thermal control, and will also supply astronauts with water and oxygen.

The Orion spacecraft consists of a European service module, a crew module adapter, and a crew module. The last two components are provided by NASA.

Ensuring missions to the moon is a collaborative effort. The components and hardware used in the European Service Modules are manufactured and supplied by more than twenty different companies in ten different European countries.

When each module is ready to launch, their total mass will be 13,500 kg, nearly two-thirds of which is propellant.

More than 11 km of cables would be required to send commands and receive information from the many onboard sensors.

The first European service module has already been attached to the Orion spacecraft and is awaiting the launch of Artemis 1.

The second service module has been officially handed over to NASA and is completing integration in the operations and control building at Kennedy Space Center. It will be used in the Artemis-2 mission.


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