European Parliament reported massive data leak

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The personal data of more than a thousand employees and members of the European Parliament were freely available on the Web due to a leak. This was announced by the Vice President of the Parliament for IT Policy, Marcel Colaia.

“1,200 accounts of elected officials and employees, as well as personal information of 15,000 EU affairs experts, were made publicly available,” said Kolaya to Politico . He also emphasized that a certain political group is behind the server leak.

It is clarified that as a result of the hacking, hackers stole personal database information with passwords, email addresses and secret information of members of the European People’s Party, which was confirmed by its representative Pedro Lopez.

However, he explained that the stolen base contains outdated information.

All “merged data” has already been deleted from the Internet. An appropriate investigation will be conducted.

On May 14, an expert told Izvestia about the rules for combating data leaks.


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