Europe in fighting a global pandemic

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The pace of advancement of coronavirus in Europe is gradually slowing down, but it still takes hundreds of lives every day. The most difficult situation is still in Italy, Spain, France and Germany.

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Europe in fighting a global pandemic 2

On the streets of Rome, there is no one but the police and volunteers. They conduct total cleaning and disinfection, starting from fences and ending with soil. Three times a week.

They do the same in Milan. In the exhibition center of the city, where fashion shows used to be held, the largest hospital in Italy with intensive care units was opened, where they are ready to receive patients from other countries of Europe in the future.

The death toll per day is 837, an incredible amount, but the pace of infection is slowing down.

Belgium set a European anti-record. The 12-year-old girl became the youngest victim of the coronavirus, scientists can only guess.

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Europe in fighting a global pandemic 3

Doctors from France have the same questions, the virus did not spare the 16-year-old girl there. President Macron reports a three-fold increase in the production of face masks and the creation of medical trains.

Doctors criticize the idea, instead of transporting sick patients around the country, they advise them to bring equipment and medicines. The situation is described in one word – disaster.

“We all lack a little. The feeling that we are in a third world country. And this is in Europe, which turned out to be useless. All countries have barricaded themselves, all have their own policies. We can also observe the war to get equipment from Asia. Our own industry in France is unable to produce the right amount of equipment, so much needed in times of crisis,” admitted Christoph Prudum, spokesman for the Association of Emergency Physicians.

In Germany, the situation is also not simple, the burden on the economy is serious, and it is not clear which country will emerge from the sanitary crisis.

“We cannot protect every job. Unemployment in Germany will grow for the first time in many years,” said Hubertus Heil, German Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

The UK notes that quarantine allowed a little smoothing of the incidence growth curve. But the growth of mortality cannot be slowed down, another surge – about 400 people died from the virus per day.


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