EU countries cannot agree to restart economy

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — EU leaders today were unable to agree on how to restart the economy after the coronavirus pandemic. Already the fourth video summit has not brought solutions. The European Union is divided: the South most affected by the pandemic does not take the measures that the rich North imposes. The Italian opposition threatens to exit the EU. And German Chancellor Merkel criticizes the weakening of quarantine too quickly.

The EU distance summit only strengthened the distance. The trouble is the virus – one at all. The economy is popping alike. But in the positions of how to save and save – between countries – there is a whole chasm.

“Do you have any fears that we will see a battle between EU countries over different approaches?”

“Of course, we all know about the debate that has taken place, but our citizens will not understand us if the European Union is not able to quickly respond to the situation,” said David Sassolini, President of the European Parliament.

But on the eve, so that there was no failure, even a rehearsal was held – a secret videoconference for five – Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands.

And even in this top five two irreconcilable camps – Berlin and The Hague – offer to go on a proven path – apply the European stabilization mechanism. France, Italy and Spain demand the release of coronobond. Because the old way is the way of Greece – money in exchange for austerity measures. And where he got the country’s economy, everyone remembers perfectly.

“I understand Italy’s discontent because it’s a very sensitive topic of domestic politics,” said Mark Ryugge, Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

Italy is not just unhappy – she is furious because she considers herself abandoned at the first stage of the fight against the virus. No money, no masks, no doctors. Russia and China offered help before Brussels.

The President of the European Commission apologized to Rome on behalf of the entire European Union for insufficient assistance at the beginning of the epidemic. But too late – the opposition managed to threaten Italy’s exit from the EU after defeating the virus.

And citizens locked in their apartments like these statements. Prime Minister Conte’s rating is still high – the population estimated his rigidity in the fight against COVID-19 at 60%.

But to defend the interests of the country in front of Brussels and banks is an issue no less fundamental. When the external enemy – the virus – recedes, internal economic problems will remain. Giuseppe Conte is at stake – the seat and honor of the country.

And this is not an easy battle, because the main window on his remote screen with the signature “Berlin” is Angela Merkel, the main opponent of the issue of coronobond.

“The release of coronabondas is a very long and complicated process that is not able to help us directly in the current situation. But today it’s important to find a quick solution,” she said.

Countries cannot even agree whether summer will be. Here, in theory, everyone is for himself. Greece, where tourism is all, begs to introduce health passports for vacationers. Brussels believes that it is too early to sunbathe.

But when Spain gently hinted that the beaches might not open this summer, the resorts literally revolted. Not only on the mainland, but also on the islands – in the Canaries.

“The lifting of restrictions by June will only apply to the manufacturing sector,” said Yolanda Diaz, Spanish Minister of Labor, to the public.

While countries remotely swear at the highest level – the population is becoming bolder. In law-abiding Germany, they protest against quarantine, observing the required distance.

The suburbs of Paris burn and explode for the third night. Goes to the cops. The French are running out of patience and money. Food prices are rising – vegetables and fruits have become 10% more expensive. Emanuel Macron traveled to Brittany, thanked the farmers who lacked labor. On Friday, he will meet with a restaurant business representative – they will persuade the president to open bistro restaurants and cafes.

“We will put plexiglass shields and we will disinfect all surfaces after each client,” the cafe owner says.

Plexiglass is the material of summer! On the beaches of course it does not apply. The idea of ​​packing sunbathers in cabins at a distance of one and a half meters was criticized. But the transport can be like this – as we will detail, as in business class – in an empty seat between passengers. So ride the buses. This is a train journey. This is the subway.

In addition to partitions, in salons disinfectants. And different doors to enter and exit. Some airlines have already called the rules idiotic, suggesting that the cost of a ticket under these conditions will be as huge as the distance between customers.

“We closed the department because everyone was discharged! And now we are carrying out disinfection,” the doctors announced.

This is a holiday in the Italian Monza near Milan – Lombardy is finally recovering. And recovering, you may have to get an immune passport – tests for the presence of immunity are already doing in the North. And in some places there are surprises – the population of the town of Ortisei in the Dolomites may be no longer afraid of the coronavirus – antibodies were found in half of those who had tested in the blood. It was also unnoticed that half of Italy was probably ill.

Italy will be released from quarantine slowly, carefully, according to the rules, the same for all regions – distance, masks, wet cleaning. A normal life – with walks, outdoor sports, but so far without bars, restaurants and beauty salons will begin on May 4.


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