Ethyl alcohol production and use

(ORDO NEWS) — Alcohol is essential for the production of alcoholic beverages and tinctures. It is highly regarded and always in demand in our country. High-quality ethyl alcohol is widely used for disinfection, various fine cleaning works. The main thing is to order a really high-quality product made from food raw materials.

Types of produced ethyl alcohol

The production process is unified, but the base products used and the degree of purification vary greatly. The best alcohol comes from wheat, corn, root crops and potatoes. Other raw materials significantly increase the concentration of free acids and residue. It is better not to use it in the food industry.

Alcohol is classified by grades:

– First, it is technical. It cannot be used in alcohol and food. It is intended solely for cleaning and other technical work
– Highest cleaning. The production uses a mixture of potatoes, molasses and grains. Relatively little fusel oils are removed. It is allowed to be used in alcoholic beverages and for the production of alcoholic tinctures
– Medical and extra. The grain component prevails in the raw materials, the total starch content does not exceed 60%. This is a high-quality alcohol that is allowed in the use of the food industry, the production of alcohol and medicines
– Alpha.Only grain components – rye or wheat – are involved in the fermentation process. Additional degrees of purification reduce the amount of fusel oils and free acids. This is the best raw material for the production of expensive alcohol or the highest quality liqueurs

Recommendations for using different brands of alcohol

Often it makes no sense to overpay for high degrees of purification and high-quality raw materials. For example, for cleaning contact groups and electronic circuits, degreasing before painting, general disinfection of objects, you should not purchase expensive higher, extra or alpha alcohol.

Food use requires careful selection of the base. If the mass fraction of alcohol is small, then it is reasonable to use brands with an average content of fusel oils and free acids. However, when alcohol is the basis of an infusion, medicine or drink, it is necessary to choose an extra brand. No additional load is created and complex metabolites are not produced in the body.

After consuming alcohol based on extra alcohols, there is no headache, fatigue and other manifestations of poisoning.

The Alfa brand offers the purest and easiest alcohol to use. It is he who is better to take as a basis in liqueurs, tinctures with the finest aroma and for the production of elite alcohol.


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